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Welcome to my Total Fitness Personal Trainer Website and the homepage of Mind, Body and Goal Personal Training.

I offer complete personal training services in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. In addition I run several very busy outdoor kettlebell boot camp sessions.


As the leading Advanced kettlebell trainer in the south east I specialise in kettlebell training, bulgarian bag training, fat loss and conditioning.

The concept of my business, Mind, Body and Goal Personal Training rests on the understanding that the human body operates as a thinking, moving, functional and complete unit.

Based on this fundamental fact, in striving to achieve fitness, health and well being, programs should be designed which address each of these aspects – in balance. Find more interested information on .

If balance within our lives is not achieved, we suffer through the consequences of those imbalances, usually displaying itself as illness, disease, negative mental states and lack of vitality.

The pages of my Total Fitness Personal Trainer web site contain a wealth of information about the personal training services I offer in Eastbourne and all aspects of fitness, including Kettlebell training, fitness tips and techniques, free workouts, nutritional information, psychological techniques, complementary therapies, and much more.

Are you looking for someone who is fully qualified, insured and registered and who is a fitness expert?

Maybe you have heard how awesome Kettlebell Training is and want to find out how it can help to transform your body and take your fitness to new heights?

If so, you have certainly come to the right place.

All of the resources and services on this site will act as stepping stones in taking you towards a fitter, healthier, more positive futur .

I have ceased for about 6 weeks now and see a change in the lower half of my body. Last year I lost about 30 pounds after an illness, but still .. only reduce my lower body and my fat in my belly and arms are! It's great that I'm editing and all but what's the point if I can not tone and shape my body? Can someone please give some advice? I'm frustrated. PS I worked in a gym for a little while and met with nutritionists to ensure that I eat well, watching calories, etc. ..