Healthy lifestyles

Most of us just flow through life eating what we want and wanting to just relax when where not working. When we are cooking dinner do we really look at what we are putting into our mouths or is this just another chore we want over and done with.

I really started feeling like my life was ground hog day, everyday same thing over and over again. Is this what life is meant to be like. We come from being these young children having everything done for us. We never cared what was going in our mouths so long as it tasted good. Now its day in day out, just the same thing going on. Having all these things to worry about including what we eat.

I really noticed this one night when i was cooking dinner. It actually made me feel a little sad and i decided that i wanted some change in my life. So i started with cooking dinner. I used to cook the same thing almost every week because it was convenient and quick but i decided that when i cook dinner I want to put that extra effort in and make something really yummy so i could feel proud. And of course this was the perfect place to start on making sure my family and myself had a healthy diet.

What we need to remember is that maintaining a healthy life style does not mean you are not allowed to indulge. If indulging is something that feels good than by all means do it. We just need to sustain a healthy life style by mixing up what we do in our daily lives. This comes from eating and our daily activities. Last week i put on a pair of sneakers and took my kids to the park just to kick a ball around. It felt amazing running around like a kid again, laughing, falling over and chasing each other. When we left i was completely out of breathe but it felt so good. I replaced sitting on the lounge watching a movie with going to the park. I still enjoyed myself a lot but at the same time I was keeping myself fit.

I believe that we all wake up one day as these adults and realise that we have to start making sure that we take care of our bodies as much as we can. The best way to do this is by replacing some of the not so good things with other things that are of benefit to your health. Take a look at your life and work out what you can replace. If you have always wanted to go for that 2 hour hike in the bush than you need to do it. You can not wait because time will never wait around for you.

The best thing about choosing a healthy life style with aerobic fitness is that your whole life will start heading in the right direction.

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